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 Got your own hobby? 

 A hobby is certain activity or interest aims to give pleasure or relaxation and typically done during one's spare time.  Here is the top ten most common and popular hobbies listed and selected by the hobbyist themselves.


Fish keeping is a rewarding and relaxing hobby. This is a popular hobby concerned with keeping fish in a home aquarium or garden pond. The hobby is broadly divided into three specific disciplines according to the type of fish: freshwater, brackish, and marine (also called saltwater) fish keeping.


 The best hobby produces something that you can use. With skill, the right equipment and plenty of supplies, people who like to sew can be their own tailor, make their own repairs to clothes and even create their own wardrobe (sometimes you can tell when a person makes their own wardrobe).


Nobody knows, maybe this hobby can get you somewhere. Garage Bands have made big time in the past. The Amateurs have found their way into orchestras. This certain hobby can even help you through tough times. Just look at the guy in front of the convenience with a guitar and hat full of change.


More people take part in this hobby. In some homes, you will find a book about exotic and local birds. When a colorful or exotic bird passes by, few will not take notice. However, it’s much harder to search the people that actually go out with binoculars on full-fledged expeditions. But they are around.


A hobby that sometime annoys your neighbor or a spouse, you may get some complaints about the cluttered garage, the junk cars in the backyard, and the tire stacks. Apart from that, none of those concerns can damage the satisfaction of seeing your finished products. See who complains when you roll out your immaculate '63 Corvette.


A hobby creates a valuable product. An experienced woodworker can produce furniture, toys, decorations, even artworks. This hobby allows you to save money and have more creative input as to what woods, stains, shapes, and colors you use.


 You have seen the guy at the beach, combing the sand for some spare coins. No it is not coins he's after. He's after historical artifacts and, who knows, maybe some buried treasure. If you have not tried it, it is actually a lot more fun that you would think.


Another local favorites, though the immediate area does not offer suitable areas for hunting. An hour of drive in almost in any direction can get you to the right place. This hobby will stay popular as it was once a form of survival and may be once again.


 This type covers a broad spectrum of hobbies. The Stamps, coins, sport memorabilia, Cabbage patch Dolls, the list goes on forever. The urge to collect seems to be a universal desire, though some it much more seriously than others.


 This would seem like a tedious and time-consuming hobby, till you consider building remote control cars, planes and boats. All of a sudden, models can fly, make wakes, and zoom by at incredible speeds. And let's not forget those model train sets that gave us so much fascination as kids.

Among all the 10 listed here, fish keeping is the most common and popular. Many people like collecting different kinds and types of freshwater and saltwater fishes for their aquariums. They are also inexpensive relative to the others.

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